You are not alone

How Many are there?

It is commonly said that between eight and eleven percent of Australian young people experience same-sex attraction.

In a study of students in 2009, 9% of students reported not having an attraction to exclusively oposite sex people.

This included those who were attracted only to the same sex, those who were attracted to both sexes and those who were unsure.

The number of students how have reported not being hetrosexual has increased since the survey was last done in 2002.

Almost one in 10 students surveyed reported their most recent sexual encounter was with someone of the same sex. For young men, the likelihood of having a same sex encounter at the most recent sexual experience had increased from 2% in 2002 to 8% in 2008.

Smith, A., Agius, P., Mitchell, A, Barrett, C & Pitts, M (2009) Secondary students and sexual health 2008: Results of the 4th national survey of Australian Secondary students. Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. Latrobe University. Melbourne. Victoria.

When do people realise?

The realisation of sexuality and gender identity is something that occurs at a relatively young age with most young people knowing by the end of teenage hood.

For young people who are LGBT or same-sex attracted

  • about 10% always known,
  • 26% knew by age 10,
  • 60% realised their sexuality before age 13,
  • 85% of young people know their sexuality by age 15 

Lynne Hillier, Tiffany Jones, Marisa Monagle, Naomi Overton, Luke Gahan, Jennifer Blackman, Anne Mitchell (2010), Writing Themselves In 3: The Third national report on the sexuality, health and well-being of same sex attracted young people, Australian Research Centre In Sex, Health And Society, La Trobe University, Victoria