Religion and it’s beliefs are really important to people, especially if this is where your family, friends and community are.

A lot of LGBTIQ young people struggle with some of the negative values and beliefs about diverse sexuality and gender identity in religion, including in Christianity and Islam.

Homosexuality is no longer thought as a mental illness, it is no longer illegal and there are many laws that now make it illegal to discriminate against people on the basis of their sexuality and gender identity in most areas of life.

However despite this, many religions still do not think of diverse sexuality and gender identity as a normal part of human life and do not believe that LGBTIQ people should be treated equally. Some even think of it as an illness or as a sin.

When you group up in a religion it is hard to ignore these messages, often believing that they are true and when young people are LGBTIQ they truly believe that there is something wrong with them and that they need to be changed.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why a young person might feel like they have to hide or oppress their sexuality, in order to stay true to their religion and feel like they belong somewhere.

Hiding and not being true to yourself can have negative effects on your health, including feeling depressed, lonely and anxious, which may lead young people to self harming or suicide.

Those young people who want to  come out,  often have the over whelming feeling that they have to chose between their faith and their sexuality; due to one not being accepting of the other.

However, THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!

You can have both your sexuality and your religion.

There are many places of worship that believe that ALL people are created and loved by God, that there is nothing wrong with being LGBTIQ, and that in fact LGBTIQ people should be celebrated.

Following is a list of welcoming and accepting Churches in Brisbane where you can go, be yourself and be safe.

New Way Community Chapel

New Way Community Chapel is a small welcoming community, that is accepting of LGBTIQ and of people from all backgrounds. They share some food and have a cup of tea or coffee at 5pm on Sunday and Worship starts at 6pm. (Occasionally changes maybe made, like in the week of leading up to Easter/Christmas and during the winter months. To be sure double check their website.)


The worship is run by Pastor David


Ph: (07) 3366 5412

Mob: 0404 637 534

Location: 351 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill with the entry via Lilley Street.

Their mission statement is; to build a better, accepting and totally inclusive community of people within the structure of New Way Community Chapel by the practice of Christian values, by confronting prejudice and injustice, by reaching out to all in friendship, service and love.

Metropolitan Community Church

The Metropolitan Community Church is active with in the LGBTIQ community and is present at some community events. They are Affiliated with the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches; a world wide church that was set up specifically to meet the needs of the LGBTIQ community. They believe that all people shall have equality of access and opportunity which is free from discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, physical challenge, HIV status, health status, gender identification, nationality or economic status.

Services are a mix of Pentecostal, Protestant and Liturgical style of Worship. The service in the morning is a Bible study that is inclusive and welcoming to all who attend. Our evening service is formal following the liturgical year, the service has biblical teaching that is relevant for today’s modern world which encourages all who attend to extend themselves in their Christian walk.

The morning service starts at 10am on Sunday and the evening service starts at 7pm.

The service is run by Rev Leigh R. Neighbour

To email him:


Ph: (07) 3891 1388

Mob: 0422 093 200

Location: 37 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane

Their mission statement is; to provide a welcoming and sensitive worship environment expressing the reconciliation between God and the world, including the LGBTIQ community; and to encourage each other to grow in faith and foster involvement in social justice.

  • Metropolitian Community Church Youth Group every Friday night.  Email or phone 3891 1388 MCC Youth Group Flyer
  • St Mary’s in Exile

    This Community is accepting of LGBTIQ people and have LGBTIQ people with in their community. It is a welcoming parish that is progressive and many members are passionate about social justice. St Mary’s is intimately linked to MICAH Projects Inc; a community organization with an unswerving commitment to social justice. It provides a range of support and advocacy service to individuals and families.

    The community is charitable and many of the members are more than will to help out other people. Currently one of the members is regularly cooking meals for the young people at open doors. There are two services on Sundays, one at 9am and one at 5pm; as well as reflective readings at 6pm followed by a 6:30pm service on Saturdays.

    The service is lead by Peter Kennedy

    Ph: (07) 3029 7000


    Location: TLC building, 16 Peel Street, South Brisbane


    DVDs of interest relating to GLBTIQ and Religion:

    ” for the BIBLE tells me so ” a film by DANIEL KARSLAKE


    ” Hineini ” an inspiring story of a young Jewish person coming out in a Jewish High School

    ” Trembling Before G-D “