JB flyer 2014


Are you a guy with a girl’s body?
Are you a girl with a guy’s body?
Don’t feel like either a guy or a girl?
Feel like you are a bit of both?
Or maybe you’re not sure? You aren’t the only one!

Come and meet other young people just like you at Jellybeans!
Or visit our online blog for transgender young people

Jellybeans is a social support group for Transgender, gender varient and gender queer young people and those questioning their gender identity aged under 24.

Open Doors acknowledges that gender is fluid and that feelings and expression of gender may or may not change over time, and so in this group there is no expectation or requirement for young people to ‘decide’ upon their gender identity, adopt a particular label, or to act, behave or dress in any particular way to express their gender.

Young people are encouraged to explore their gender in their own time and express this in ways that they are comfortable in doing so.
Young people are also able to bring along family and friends to the group if they so wish as longs as they are respectful of the group space and the other participants in the group.

The facilitators and volunteers who support Jellybeans are Transgender or Gender Queer people themselves, or have extensive experiance and knowledge of transgender experiances.
Jellybeans is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 1pm to 5pm at Open Doors.

Contact: facilitator on for more information