Queeriosity 2011

Queeriosity 2011 was a great success with 370 young people attending.

 Queeriosity is a space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and sexually and gender diverse young people to be celebrated.

 Queeriosity is about young people being visible, about being heard, about connecting to their community, about being part of something bigger, about learning about their culture and its history which is strong and proud.

 These spaces can be rare to find. We hope that Queeriosity will go some way to fill this void and through the connections that are made on the day, will contribute to the building of other spaces, places and communities being formed.

 Open Doors would like to acknowledge the volunteers who have worked hard to put this day together, Kristian Wheelehen, Nick Clark, Whit Church, Jodie Taylor and James Lees.

 We would also like to acknowledge the youth planning committee who through their ideas and enthusiasm have created this day. 

 Also a big thank you to all of the people who volunteered their time or donated money and services to bring this day together. Queeriosity would not have been a success if not for all of these people.

 We are committed to continuing Queeriosity as an annual event for LGBT young people and expect it to become bigger and better in years to come. Keep an eye out for Queeriosity in April 2012!


Photo: Jamie Langlois


Photo: Transforming Pixels


Photo: Transforming Pixels