Our Services

Are you a boy who likes boys?

Or a girl who likes girls?

Or do you feel like maybe you were born in the wrong body?

Or maybe you’re just wondering about that sort of stuff…

Guess what? There are heaps of us!


Open Doors runs several different groups to meet the needs of a range of young people, including;

What else does Open Doors do?

  • Food – We have available both frozen cooked meals and fresh food for young people at Open Doors to eat or take home if they don’t have any food.   All our food is kindly cooked and donated by the wonderful people at the Metropolitian Community Church and Dikes on Bikes.
  • Advocacy – Open Doors Youth Services had the ability to refer young people to the right service to provide the best outcomes for family members and youth. We have some amazing community connections that allow us to advocate for your young people
  • Psychologist – Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to a counsellor, so we have a gay-friendly psychologist who can see young people at Open Doors.  This doesn’t cost anything if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.  We can help you get one of these if need be.
  • Internet Access – We have two computers with internet access that young people can use
  • Outreach workers – We invite other workers with different knowledge and skills from other services if visit and support young people at Open Doors.  They can help young people with a range of things, such as drug and alcohol use, mental health concerns and sexual health.
  • Training and education with service providers – we also deliver training about sexuality and gender identity to other services to help them become more knowledgeable and gay-friendly.

What can I expect when I come to Open Doors?

  • Welcoming and Safe Space – We understand that it can scary coming to Open Doors for the first time, so we try to have a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  We have 5 basic rules – No Homophobia, No Transphobia, No Sexism, No Racism and No Bullying.  There are no judgements or expectations about who you are or how you identify yourself.  Open Doors is a safe place to be whoever you are, whatever that might be.
  • Your Privacy is Important (PDF 42 KB)– Open Doors does need to collect some information about the young people who come to see us, such as your name, date of birth, address, and any medical information.   However we highly value the importance of privacy and understand that there can be large consequences if young people are ‘outed’ without their consent.  To make sure that your information is safe, we have a Privacy Policy that guides how we work with you and how we keep your information safe.  If you have any questions about your privacy, please ask us.
  • Information & ResourcesOpen Doors has a huge range of information and resources about sexuality and gender identity available here that may be useful for you, your friends, family or school to read.  Gay community magazines are also available at Open Doors.