Community Development

Along with the direct support and information we provide to young people and families, Open Doors also creates networks of support for young LGBT all across South-East Queensland. We are available to offer information and support to other workers or community members.

We offer flexible community education and training sessions from two hours to full-day sessions to a broad range of service providers.

Open Doors contributes to policy forums and is committed to encouraging and supporting young people to voice their concerns and suggestions for more inclusive systems and processes across government and community for LGBT young people.

We use community development methods to work collaboratively with a variety of community members.

Exploratory Research into LGBT young people’s access to supported accommodation in Queensland.

The experience of young people who are homeless and identify as LGBT is an under-explored area.

Young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness face multiple challenges. It is important that they are able to seek and access appropriate accommodation and support.

A partnership was formed between Queensland Youth Housing Coalition (QYHC) and Open Doors Youth Service Inc. to seek a greater understanding of the experiences and issues of LGBT young people and Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) service providers.

A project reference group was formed that supported the exploratory research processes.

Opening the Door? – Exploratory Research into LGBT Young People’s Access to Supported Accommodation in Queensland (PDF, 408kB) documents the experiences of ten LGBT young people who have accessed SAAP services and 23 youth SAAP services across Queensland.