LGBT Youth Training

Open Doors is not funded to deliver training, but wishes to support organisations to become more accessible to LGBT young people and for support workers to be more confident in responding to their needs.  To cover our costs we ask participants to make a donation to our organisation.

By offering resources, community education and training events we aim to enhance the capacity of communities to understand and support young people’s expressions of sexuality and gender.

Open Doors is able to provide interactive training workshops that range from 1 hour to a full day, however full day workshops provide more extensive and comprehensive information to improve the abiltiy to workers to meet the needs of LGBT young people they are supporting

The Open Doors Supporting LGBT Young People Full Day Training (PDF) workshop include the following information:

  • Understanding sexuality and gender identity
  • The journey of identity formation
  • Needs and experiances of LGBT young people
  • The impact of these experiances of their health and wellbeing
  • Understanding, identifying and responding to homophobia
  • Information about the experiences of transgender young people, Indigenous LGBT young people, CALD LGBT young people and rural and regional LGBT young people
  • Creating an actively accessible service to LGBT young people
  • Strategies to support young people to disclose their identity
  • Practical support strategies
  • Access to extensive range of LGBT resources

It is highly recommended that participants familirise themselves with the Workshop Pre-Readings.

If you are interested in a workshop being delivered in your workplace, please contact