What we believe

Open Doors Youth Service Inc. ~ Pride for Life



Vision Statement

All young people with diverse genders and/or sexualities have the opportunity to fully experience and truly know pride for life.


Mission Statement

Open Doors Youth Service Inc. supports, values and celebrates young people who have diverse genders and/or sexualities.

We recognise that in Australia, cultural environments discriminate against and marginalise young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender, or who have diverse genders and/or sexualities. This discrimination can be particularly severe for those young people who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, resulting in homelessness, suffering, distress and destitution.

These young people, like all young people, deserve families, communities, supports and services that positively affirm who they are. These young people, like all young people, have strengths that enrich our world.

Open Doors Youth Service Inc. exists in order to build resilience in young people with diverse genders and/or sexualities through facilitating opportunities to receive support that meets their identified needs, to connect to community in a safe, social space, and to have positive relationships in their lives.

We do this through providing support, advocacy, referral, community and capacity development.



  • Open Doors understands that labels can be both limiting and liberating, and so we value and celebrate the legitimacy of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities alongside the diversity of sexuality and gender experienced and lived by young people in our culture and community.
  • All aspects of Open Doors are underpinned by a genuine commitment to the principles of participation, access, equity and collaborative action.
  • Open Doors Youth Service Inc. believes that all young people have the right to explore, experience and express their gender and sexuality in safe and supportive environments and that the exploration and experience of sexuality and gender is diverse and life-long.
  • Open Doors recognises that young people exploring diverse genders and/or sexualities do so in a cultural environment that disadvantages, discriminates against, and marginalises them both directly and indirectly.
  • Open Doors actively works toward creating environments and opportunities that empower young people to live with pride in their lives as valued, equal and celebrated members of their communities.
  • Open Doors works with young people in accessible and culturally appropriate ways to reduce isolation, share information, develop support networks and enhance young people’s participation and connection to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender cultures and other communities.
  • Open Doors works to enhance the capacity of communities to understand and support young people’s expressions of their gender and sexuality.
  • Open Doors values the contribution, opinion, and experiences of each member, and the practice of open and honest communication.
  • We aim to achieve a shared understanding and direction through equal access to information and an active commitment to consensus where possible.
  • We employ supportive processes that encourage learning and development for all members of the organisation.
  • We are committed to the positive resolution of conflict to enable effective organisational growth and change.
  • We will operate ethically, transparently and accountably in all facets of our service.
  • We acknowledge the challenge and responsibility of this opportunity and welcome the participation of all communities who share this commitment.