Friends of Open Doors are volunteers who have a range of skills, knowledge and expertise that can support us in our work with LGBT young people and the LGBT community.

Friends may volunteer their time regularly, or their experience may be needed only a few times a year.

All Friends must operate under the Open Doors policies and procedures, have a Blue Card for Child Related Employment, or the ability to obtain a blue card.  (Blue Card must be obtained before starting volunteering with us.)  You can view the requirements for obtaining a BLUE CARD HERE

To apply to be one of our Friends, please email your resume and expression of interest to

There are a range of skills, knowledge and expertise that can compliment and support our work.  We have listed below what we are currently looking for.


Open Doors runs stalls,  at a range of community events.  These Friends would help us increase our presence and visibility in the community, and publicise our services and support to LGBT young people.  Helping with events may include:

  • Distributing information about our services and support
  • Asking for donations
  • Selling merchandise
  • Engaging with the LGBTIQ community and LGBTIQ  young people
  • Cooking BBQ’s, and selling food and drinks

You are confident, comfortable engaging with community members, and who can learn about our services.  Having a drivers licence would also be helpful.

Youth Support

These Friends will provide supervision to LGBTIQ  young people aged 12 to 24 in our social groups.  These Friends will support our youth workers by providing provide adequate supervision to young people while youth workers address the individual support needs.

You must have qualifications or experience in supporting young people and need to be available once a week on a Wednesday,  Friday or Saturday afternoon.


These Friends will be asked to assist Open Doors in fundraising

This could be through:

  • Writing and submitting funding / grant applications that will attract more funding programs, and support for our organisation.
  • Locating and negotiating corporate sponsors.
  • Organising and running fundraising events or activities.

You will have good communication and writing skills, some understanding of non-government community organisations and has experience in being successful at finding funding.

Graphic Design

This Friend would assist Open Doors in the designing, creating and updating of resources, pamphlets, flyers and promotional material.

We would be looking for someone with good image and design ideas and graphic design programs.

IT and Website

These Friends would assist us with the maintenance of our computers, server, fax, printer and photocopier.  We also require assistance with maintaining our website and managing social media.


Occasionally we may need support from Friends with expertise in trade areas, including:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter

Legal Advice

 Occasionally we may need to see advice from a solicitor about our organisation and activities


 As we work with homeless young people, we would like some Friends who can cook some healthy and hearty meals we can freeze for when they are needed.

If you can cook tasty meals and have some time to cook bulk meals, please apply (both vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and meat recipes)


If you have other skills, knowledge or experience that you feel would be useful to Open Doors, please contact us on