Compliments & Complaints

Open Doors Youth Service Complaints and Grievances Policy

This information is an excerpt from the Open Doors Youth Service Feedback, Compliments, Complaints and Grievances Policy.

  • Open Doors Youth Service welcomes feedback from all parties including: any young person, family member or related person who is accessing Open Doors for support; members of the wider community and members of the Staff team or Board.
  • Feedback may relate to:
    • Use of the facilities or resources
    • Services provided by Open Doors workers
    • Matters concerning the management of the service.
    • Any other relevant issue
  • Open Doors will use information from feedback in our planning and evaluation systems
  • Complaints can assist Open Doors to identify mistakes or improve our services to members. Positive feedback reinforces the need for particular activities.
  • Open Doors will attempt to resolve grievances and complaints in a manner that is equitable and mutually satisfactory.
  • Open Doors is committed to the positive resolution of conflict to enable effective organisational growth and change
  • Resolution of a complaint or grievance will be attempted through consultation, cooperation and discussion between parties involved, where appropriate.
  • All grievances and complaints are to be treated seriously.
  • Open Doors supports people accessing Open Doors Grievance and Complaints Policy and believes they have the right to:
    • Complain or express concerns about Open Doors without fear of recrimination
    • Have their grievance or complaint dealt with fairly, promptly and respectfully
    • Be represented by an advocate of their choice
    • Be informed about what services are available to assist them in making a complaint
    • Be treated in a non-discriminatory manner
    • Confidentiality
  • Any person raising a grievance or complaint has the option to withdraw at any stage throughout the process.  However, the organisation may elect to pursue the complaint without their involvement

Receiving a Grievance or Complaint

  • Any staff or Board member may receive feedback or a complaint.
  • The person receiving the grievance or complaint is to ask the complainant to explain the concern and ensure there is joint understanding of the nature and content of the complaint.
  • Both parties are to complete a “Grievance and Complaints Record Form” together, if it is considered formal or requiring external review.
  • The feedback is to be recorded in the Feedback Register

Informal Complaints

  • In the first instance, the person raising the grievance or complaint is encouraged to discuss it with the other party.
  • Service users and workers have the option to use an advocate to support them in the process.
  • Open Doors workers have the ability and authority to discuss and resolve informal complaints directly with service users.  In this event the issue is to be recorded in the Feedback Register.
  • Workers shall briefly record their decisions and actions and inform the General Manager.
  • If the complaint is not resolved, information will be provided in relation to the next level of action or other external options.
  • If the person does not wish to discuss the issue with the other party, they are encouraged to contact the General Manager, or a member of the Board.

Formal Grievances and Complaints

  • Complaints that cannot be resolved on an informal level or complaints of a more complex nature shall become a formal grievance and complaint.
  • All formal grievances and complaints are to be reported to the General Manager who will then inform the Board.  Alternatively, the formal complaint may be received by the Secretary of the Board.
  • All complaints made at this level shall be documented on Open Doors “Grievance and Complaints Record Form”.
  • A process for resolving the complaint will be developed and agreed to by all involved people.
  • The staff team will be notified that a process is being undertaken and any questions or input should be directed to the nominated person. This may not occur if there are serious or potentially criminal matters reported, or the matter requires a work performance investigation.
  • When a staff member is the subject of a complaint they shall be informed as soon as possible and asked for their written response or be interviewed to the complaint within 5 working days.
  • If the complaint involves an employee work performance, Open Doors Human Resources Policies will apply.
  • Depending on the nature of the complaint the General Manager and/or a delegated Board representative will then meet with those involved in the complaint either individually or jointly.
  • Time limits for addressing the complaint will be set and agreed to by all parties.
  • Complaints will be reviewed in light of Open Doors organisational structure as well as individual responsibility.  This process will provide an opportunity to improve organisational systems in an attempt to make the service more effective and avoid future complaints of this kind.
  • If the complaint remains unresolved:
    • The complaint may go to the Board.
    • The Management Committee or a nominated representative will review the process undertaken to date and discuss options for further investigation including external review.
    • This process should be completed within ten (10) working days, unless the all parties agree otherwise.

External Reviews

  • When grievances and complaints can’t be resolved internally to the satisfaction of all parties involved, an external review process may be implemented as negotiated between the parties.
  • This process will include the involvement of an independent external mediator such as the Dispute Resolution Centre, or other qualified professional. Consumers under 18 years of age may choose to go to the Commission for Children and Young People to seek advice and support regarding a complaint.
  • Any costs associated with the involvement of an external mediation service may be met by Open Doors if the complaint is being raised by a consumer.  This is at the discretion of the Board.
  • The General Manager or Board Representative is responsible for contacting an external mediation service.  Mutual agreement shall be sought in regard to the employment of a mediator.
  • A maximum of two (2), two (2) hour sessions shall constitute an external review process and may be paid for by Open Doors.
  • If the matter is still not resolved the Board shall consider the recommendations put forward by the reviewing body and have final say in resolving the dispute.
  • The matter should be completed within fifteen (15) working days, unless the complainant agrees otherwise.
  • If constituents are not happy with how the Organisation handles their complaint or doesn’t want to complain to the Organisation in the first instance they may be able to complain to the:
    • Consumer Affairs Department;
    • Department of Family and Community Services;
    • Commission for Children and Young People;
    • Human Rights Commission.

Evaluate our Service

We want to give you the best service possible so please tell us what you like about Open Doors or what you think we could be doing better.

Honest feedback on your experience with Open Doors Youth Service is very important to us.  It will help us to know what we do well and what could be done better.

Open Doors is committed to achieving appropriate outcomes for young people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity and their families.

The feedback that you provide is completely confidential.

Alternatively, you can phone or email Open Doors with your feedback.