Open Doors Youth Service

Evaluate Our Service

Open Doors Youth Service welcomes feedback from all parties including any young person, family member or related person who is accessing Open Doors for support; members of the wider community and members of the team or Board.

Feedback may relate to:

Use of the facilities or resources
Services provided by the Open Doors team
Matters concerning the Management of the service.
Any other relevant issue

By providing honest and constructive feedback, you can assist Open Doors Youth Service in identifying areas of improvement and help in our planning for future service delivery for the young people and wider community. If you have noticed someone from our team, our volunteers or the young people doing something outstanding in the community or in the service, please let us know too! We’d love to be able to highlight these moments! Open Doors Youth Service is committed to the positive resolution of conflict and your feedback will be managed seriously with confidentiality and in align with our Grievance Policy at the service. Open Doors Management will be in contact with you at their earliest convenience to manage your feedback if necessary. Feedback on your experience with Open Doors Youth Service is very important to us. It will help us to know what we do well and what could be done better. Please forward any complaints, compliments or feedback to: