LGBTIQAP+ Training

Open Doors Youth Service (ODYS) is a specialist service supporting LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy young people across south-east Queensland. Alongside, young people and specialists across education and health, Open Doors Youth Service has developed a series of professional development opportinities.

LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy people and communities have several distinct, sometimes overlapping, demographics each with their own histories, experiences, social, education and health needs.

Open Doors Youth Service has developed training to support organisations and individual practitioners provide affirming and culturally safer services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Asexual, Pansexual, Sistergirl and Brotherboy (LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy) young people, communities, and their families (chosen, or otherwise).

Community of Practice

The Open Doors Community of Practice is professional development group to guide and support the safety, inclusivity and cultural competency for LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy young people in schools and youth programs.

This is held online on the first Tuesday of each month at 3.30pm. Registrations are essential to receive access to zoom link.

In-Service LGBTIQ+ Affirming Practice Training

Overarching Aim:

To enhance the capacity of organisations and staff working to develop and maintain organisational cultures and individual practices that are safe, supportive, inclusive and affirming for all young people, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, asexual, pansexual, sistergirl and brotherboy.

Foundation Sessions:
  1. LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy key terminology, identities, and cultures
  2. Impacts of discrimination on the social and emotional well-being of LGBTIQAP+
    Sistergirl and Brotherboy children, young people, and families
  3. How to recognise and respond to discriminatory behaviours
  4.  Enablers of LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy youth and family engagement
  5. Trauma-informed care for LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy young people and their
  6. Transforming knowledge into practice – reflective practice and case scenarios
  7. Developing or reviewing diversity and inclusion strategies.

It is recommended to allow 40 minutes to 1 hour for each foundation session and a minimum of 2 hours total delivery time for each training session. All training will be tailored to the organisational context and need. Topics outside of the foundation sessions listed can be requested.

All LGBTIQ professional development training is fee-for-service as this work is currently unfunded. Fees vary depending
on several factors; however, ODYS try to ensure that our work is accessible and affordable. Please contact ODYS and we can discuss the training context and create an education package that reflects the needs and in your organisation. 

If you would like further information, or to book a time to meet and discuss LGBTIQAP+ Inclusive Education options for your organisation or school, please fill out the form below or contact Nikki Whitmore (Training and Development Facilitator) on or 3257 7660