Open Doors Programs

Open Doors Youth Service receives funding to deliver a range of programs and services. Below are our current programs


Who is Reconnect for?

LGBTIQ+ young people aged 12 to 18 (or 12 to 21 if newly arrived in Australia) who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in South East Queensland.

What does Reconnect do?

The aim of Reconnect is to prevent homelessness by intervening early with young people to stabilise and improve their housing situation.  Reconnect also works to improve your level of engagement with family, education, training, employment and their local community.

We do this through:

Open Doors delivers a specialist LGBTIQ Reconnect program, and Reconnect is funded by the Department of Social Services

Alcohol & Other Drug Support

Who is Alcohol and Other Drug Support for?

LGBTIQ+ young people between the ages of 12 to 24 who are experience problematic alcohol and other drug use, or who are impacted by the drug use of others. This program is delivered in Brisbane North.

What does Alcohol and Other Drug Support Program do?

The AOD program provides psychosocial interventions and support in the community to minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drug use. 

We do this through:

The Alcohol and Other Drug Support Program is funded by Queensland Health


Brisbane Mind (BMind)

Who is BMind for?

LGBTIQ+ young people aged 12 to 24 who are experiencing a mild to moderate mental health condition.

BMind is available for those who have a health care card and are having difficulties accessing Medicare-based mental health services.

BMind is delivered to people who reside, work or study in the Brisbane North PHN region. 

What does BMind do?

BMind supports young people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

We do this though providing free, short-term, therapeutic mental health support with a qualified Counsellor. Up to 12 sessions are available.

BMind can be accessed by completing the Open Doors referral form, or your GPs can complete a referral via the My Mental Health Services eReferral form

Brisbane Mind is funded by Brisbane North PHN


Who is Jellybeans for?

Young people who identify as transgender, gender diverse or non-binary aged 12-24. 

What does Jellybeans do?

The aim of Jellybeans is to improve the wellbeing of transgender, gender diverse and non-binary young people by supporting them to be their authentic selves.  Jellybeans also supports young peoples families to understand gender diversity and provide the love and care that their children need to thrive.  

We do this through:

Please note that Jellybeans does not provide gender affirming medical care or psychological assessment services. These services are provided by the Queensland Children’s Gender Service  or the Adult Gender Service

Jellybeans is funded by Queensland Health. 

Young & Proud

Who is Young and Proud for?

LGBTIQ+ young people aged 16 to 24

What does Young and Proud do?

Young and Proud supports  meaningful connection to community and peers, as well as building independence and confidence in engaging with adult LGBTIQ spaces.

We do this by

Our Young and Proud program also feeds into our Youth Reference Group and provides young people with opportunities to engage in education, advocacy and connection in the broader community.

Young and Proud is not currently funded, and is delivered by donations received by the community. 

Transwomen’s Wellbeing Program

Who is the Transwomen’s Wellbeing Program for?

Young trans women aged 12-24. 

What does the Transwomen’s Wellbeing Program do?

The aim of the Transwomen’s Wellbeing program is to support young transgender women to receive safe and timely access to support when they need it most, and to provide peer support that focus on connecting young transgender women and their families with their community.

We do this through:

  • Case Management
  • Goal setting
  • Trans Femme Social Group
  • Peer Support
  • Advocacy with services (ie Centerlink, housing, school, NDIS etc)
  • Provision of gender affirming items and clothing
  • Advice and support on accessing gender affirming health care
  • Support accessing and connecting to trans affirming health care

Please note that this program does not provide gender affirming medical care or psychological assessment services. These services are provided by the Queensland Children’s Gender Service  or the Adult Gender Service

The Transwomen’s Wellbeing Program is funded by Liptember Foundation 

To access any of our programs, please complete our online referral form