Students & Volunteers


There have been a number of students who have contributed time and energy into Open Doors since it’s beginnings.

Students are a valuable and important part of the work we do at Open Doors. Not only do they provide support and activities to young people who access Open Doors, they also learn specialist skills in supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender and queer young people and their families.

Due to Open Doors being a popular place for placement, if you wish to gain experience working with LGBTIQ young people it is best to apply early. However, as we are a small organisation, we only have the capacity to offer a limited number of placements at any one time.  So please keep this in mind when applying.

Students will need to participate in an interview prior to being accepted.

Must have a blue card and current first aid and CPR certification

If you are a student studying social work, social science or another degree equivalent course and you are interested in a placement at Open Doors please contact us by submitting a cover letter and resume to We will only accept student who take the time to provide a professional cover letter and resume emailing.

Volunteer with Us:

Open Doors Youth Service Relies on its volunteer’s due to limited funding.

If you believe you have a skill that can be used to help support our young LGBTIQ youth please send a cover letter and resume to and complete the below form

If you are selected to join our volunteer program, you will be joining a long history of people who have been the cornerstone of much of our work since volunteers started Open Doors Youth Service 16 years ago.

All volunteers will be required to complete an induction prior to starting then time with us.