Vision, Mission Statement & Values


Our Vision is that all young people of Diverse genders, bodies, sex, sexualities and relationships will be connected to culturally and developmentally appropriate services.

Mission Statement

Open Doors Youth Service is Queensland’s leading youth homelessness and support service enriching the lives of young people with diverse genders, sex, sexualities, and bodies.  We support high risk and at-risk young people in developmentally and culturally appropriate ways to provide individual, group-based, and family support to enhance connections to family, culture, and community.



ODYS believe people have a voice, the right to connection to community and to be treated fairly. All people have the right to be provided opportunities and encouragement to actively collaborate and participate in life.


ODYS believe all people are to be provided a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, a place where people can be themselves.


ODYS believe genders, bodies and sexualities are diverse. You have the right to explore and express yourself in a non-judgmental, safe environment; a place where “You can be you”.


ODYS value and celebrate diversity and equality, empowering young people to be the best version of themselves.


ODYS is empowered to educate our community and the society we exist in, by setting an example, by being community leaders, and by sharing our knowledge and experience.